Sunny Everywhere by Sunny Dahye


Growing up for me wasn’t so “Chanel” …

Sunny Dahye’s life is filled with expensive clothes and cosmetics, sumptuous breakfasts, flying to beautiful distant lands, staying in five-star hotels …

Sunny’s life is beautiful on your mobile screen.

But, like most people’s lives, Sunny’s days are filled with failures, disappointments, doubts, and regrets.

When her dreams come true one by one, Sunny actually lost. Sunny did not know where to go. In this book, Sunny opened her heart told the wounds she had to swallow bitterly. Through her writings, Sunny invites you to know a little of who she is before becoming the Sunny Dahye you know today.

Dear Sunshine, let Sunny walk you through her life …

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Format: Paperback
Publication date: 23 Dec 2019
Dimensions: 20 cm x 13,5 cm
Publisher: Gramedia
ISBN: 9786020636283

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