The Lord of the Rings: Kembalinya Sang Raja (The Return of the King)

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In the final battle against the army of the king of darkness, casualties fell again. Gondor is under siege. Denethor lost his mind. Rohan’s help is hampered by the battle at Pelennor’s Field. Théoden died and Eomer took over the leadership. When hope was almost extinguished, came the group of the Denedain led by Aragorn, Gondor, Rohan, and the Denedain united against the army of Mordor. But there is still a way to the heart of Mordor, for the ring has not been destroyed. The ring was now in Gollum’s hands, who desperately wanted it for himself.

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Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 23 cm x 15 cm
Publisher: Gramedia
ISBN: 978-602-03-3228-4

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