Call From The Angel


What starts as a romantic comedy turns progressively into a high-flying thriller
A masterful intrigue driven by moving characters
A superbly executed finale

Two whole lives contained in two tiny mobile phones…

New York, JFK Airport.
In a packed airport lounge, a man and a woman literally run into each other, spilling their belongings on the floor. After a brief shouting match, they go their separate ways.

Madeline and Jonathan have never met before, and should never have met again. However, as they hurried to collect their things, they switched mobile phones. When they realise their mistake, they are already more than 6,000 miles apart: She is a florist in Paris, and he owns a restaurant in San Francisco.

It doesn’t take long before they give in to temptation and explore the contents of each other’s phones. An indiscretion on both their parts, but which leads to an unexpected revelation: their lives are linked by a secret that both thought would stay buried forever…

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Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 20 cm x 14 cm
Publisher: Penerbit Spring
ISBN: 978-602- 6682-08- 6

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